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A1 - Spanish subject pronouns

What is a subject pronoun?

They are words like I,you,he,she,it,we,you,they.  In English they normally come before the verb to say who does the action. 
In English we normally use a subject with a verb:

EG: I drink, you drink, he, she or it drinks, you drink, they drink.

In Spanish we don't always use the subject pronoun because with person who does something is contained inside the conjugation of the verb.

EG: Bebo = I drink - Bebes = You drink . Bebe = he,she or it drinks, Bebeis = you drink, Beben = they drink. 

In Spanish you only need to use the subject pronoun for emphasis or when it is not clear.

Note:  "Bebe" = he, she or it drinks.
If you say "bebe" it is not clear who drinks so you many want to specify this by using :-

Él bebe = He drinks - "Ella Bebe" = She drinks - "Ello Bebe" = It drinks.
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The first line is a word  in English -
The second word is the Spanish translation of the first line.
Use this lesson to rapidly increase your knowledge of the Subject pronouns in Spanish.

The Contents

you (singular familiar)
you (singular formal)
he, she
él, ella
nosotros, nosotras
you (plural familiar)
vosotros, vosotras
you (plural formal)
ellos, ellas
me also
yo también
My father and I
Mi padre y yo
You, she and I are going to the beach.
Tú, ella y yo vamos a la playa
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