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A1 - Prepositions of place and position in Spanish

Use this page to learn the prepositions of place and position in Spanish.

Notice that we usually use the verb "estar" not "ser" when speaking about where something is. 
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The first line is a word  in English -
The second word is the Spanish translation of the first line.

Use this lesson to rapidly increase your knowledge of prepositions of place and movement in Spanish.
Some more visual representations of the propositions of place.

The Contents

My apartment is above a chemist shop.
Mi apartamento está encima de una farmacia.
The chicken went across the road.
La gallina cruzó la carretera.
The salt is behind the milk.
La sal está detrás de la leche.
The basement is below the house.
El sótano está debajo de la casa.
The table is beside the chair
La mesa está al lado de la silla.
My nose is between my eyes.
Mi nariz está entre mis ojos.
My house is by the sea.
Mi casa está cerca del mar.
I go from my house to your house
Voy desde mi casa a tu casa
Juan is in front of me.
Juan está delante de mí.
They went into a bar.
Entraron en un bar.
My cat sleeps near the heater.
Mi gato duerme cerca del calentador.
There is a supermarket nearby
Hay un supermercado cercano.
The shoe shop is next to the bank.
La zapatería está al lado del banco.
It is on the table.
Está sobre la mesa.
The moon is above the sea.
La luna está sobre el mar.
he came through the door
vino por la puerta
I went to the shop
fui a la tienda
He came towards me
vino hacia mi
My mouth is under my nose
Mi boca esta debajo de mi nariz
The mountain is above the city.
La montaña está por encima de la ciudad.
I went across the room.
Yo crucé la habitación.
The baker's is behind the supermarket.
La panadería está detrás del supermercado.
The cat is below the dog.
El gato está debajo del perro.
My car is beside your car.
Mi coche está al lado de tu coche.
My house is between the park and the train station.
Mi casa está entre el parque y la estación de trenes.
The umbrella is by the door.
El paraguas está junto a la puerta.
From here to the train station.
Desde aquí hasta la estación de tren.
It is in front of my eyes
Está en frente de mis ojos
He went into the water.
Entró en el agua.
My son lives nearby
Mi hijo vive cerca
The hairdresser is next to the clothes shop
La peluquera está al lado de la tienda de ropa.
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