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A1 - Jobs and professions in Spanish

In order to give you a lot of practice with the verb "ser" and also the subject pronouns I have included the verb "to be" with the jobs.

We use the verb "ser" when speaking about professions.

It is important to note that we don't usually include the subject with the professions. We say "soy profesor"  not "yo soy profesor"
The subject pronouns are only used for emphasis. 

Note that in Spanish we don't us the article we say "I am teacher" not I am a teacher"

Generally speaking the professions follow the normal rule that feminine ends in "a" and masculine end in "o"  but there are some professions that just have one for both eg piloto, técnico, psiquiatra. 
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The first line is a word  in English -
The second word is the Spanish translation of the first line.
Use this lesson to rapidly increase your knowledge of jobs and professions in Spanish.

The Contents

He is an accountant
El es contable
They are actors
Ellos son actores
She is an actress
Ella es actriz
We are air hostesses
Nosotros somos azafatas
I am an architect
Yo soy arquitecto
He is an astronaut
El es astronauta
He is a baker
El es panadero
She is a librarian.
Ella es bibliotecaria
We are builders
Nosotros somos albañiles
He is a bullfighter
El es torero
They are butchers
Ellos son carniceros
He is a cook
El es cocinero
She is a dentist
Ella es dentista
I am a doctor
Yo soy médico
You guys are drivers
Vosotros sois conductores
He is a dustman
El es basurero
We are electricians
Nosotros somos electricistas
I am an engineer
Yo soy ingeniero
I am a farmer
Yo soy agricultor
He is a fireman
El es un bombero
He is a fisherman
El es un pescador
They are gardeners
Ellos son jardineros
She is a hairdresser
Ella es peluquera
He is an instructor
El es instructor
We are jewellers
Nosotros somos joyero
She is a journalist
Ella es periodista
I am a judge
Yo soy juez
we are lawyers
Nosotros somos abogados
She is a lorry driver
Ella es camionera
He is a mechanic
El es mecánico
They are miners
Ellos son mineros
He is a monk
El es monje
She is a nanny
Ella es niñera
She is a nun
Ella es monja
She is nurse
Ella es enfermera
I am an office worker
Yo soy empleado de oficina
They are painters
Ellos son pintores
She is a pilot
Ella es piloto
He is a plumber
El es fontanero
He is a policeman
El es policía
She is a politician
Ella es política
They are postmen
Ellos son carteros
He is a priest
El es sacerdote
She is a psychiatrist
Ella es psiquiatra
He is a psychologist
El es psicólogo
She is a receptionist
Ella es recepcionista
He is a reporter
El es reportero
He is a sailor
El es marinero
They are salesmen
Son vendedores
She is a scientist
Ella es científica
He is a secretary
El es secretario
You are a shepherd (formal)
Usted es pastor
You are shoemakers (formal)
Ustedes son zapateros
She is a shop assistant
Ella es dependienta
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