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A1 - Giving opinions in Spanish

Giving  opinions in Spanish. Telling someone what you think.

The typical way to precede your opinion could be:

Creo que =  I believe that...
En mi opinión = In my opinion ...
Pienso que = I think that ....

Note that if you search for "creo que" or "pienso que" on internet you will see people debating when to use the subjunctive afterwards.
For an A1 student the subjunctive if a bit too difficult to be worried about. . In the sentences in this lesson we don't have to use the subjunctive because they are declarations of opinions rather than speculation about something. 

However if you use the negative "creo que no"  = "I don't believe that" You would probably have to use the subjunctive. 
For example: "no creo que haya ningún problema" - I don't think there would be any problem. 

There is also an example of this in the examples. "no creo que el jefe sea un idiota" = I don't believe that the boss is an idiot. (the "sea") is the subjunctive bit..

There is also another use of the subjunctive in the examples. Look for "viniera"
At this stage just note that the subjunctive exists but don't worry about it too much. 

The opinions expressed in this lesson are just examples. No animals were harmed in the making of this lesson. 
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The first  line is an example word  in English 
The second line is and example word in Spanish.
Use this lesson to learn how to give your opinions in Spanish.
Asking for opinions

The Contents

I think Maria is jealous of me.
Creo que María me tiene envidia.
In my opinion Veganism is not a healthy diet.
En mi opinión el veganismo no es una dieta saludable.
In my opinion Trump is a clown.
En mi opinión Trump es un payaso.
Yes, I believe in the death penalty for serious crimes.
Sí, creo en la pena de muerte para delitos graves.
I would put the sardines on a barbecue?
Yo pondría las sardinas en una barbacoa.
You should not spoil your son so much.
No debes mimar a tu hijo tanto.
I believe that bullfighting is cruel.
Creo que las corridas de toros son crueles.
No my mother does not believe in God. She is an atheist.
No, mi madre no cree en Dios. Es atea.
I wouldn't like your mother to come on holiday with us.
No me gustaría que tu madre viniera de vacaciones con nosotros.
Yes, I think that the boss is a complete idiot.
Sí, creo que el jefe es un idiota total.
I believe that after life we go to heaven or hell.
Creo que después de la vida vamos al cielo o al infierno.
I prefer dogs. They are more fun.
Prefiero los perros. Son más divertidos.
I hate flamenco it is very bad.
Odio el flamenco, es muy malo.
My favourite food is pizza.
Mi comida favorita es pizza.
I am going to vote for the socialists.
Voy a votar por los socialistas.
I think Maria is a horrible person.
Creo que María es una persona horrible.
I think that we should all be vegans.
Creo que todos deberíamos ser veganos.
I think that Trump is a good president and he is very handsome.
Creo que Trump es un buen presidente y es muy guapo.
No, I don't believe in the death penalty. It is barbaric.
No, no creo en la pena de muerte. Es bárbaro.
I don't eat sardines. I am vegan.
Yo no como sardinas. Soy vegana
You should give your son more chocolate.
Deberías darle a tu hijo más chocolate.
I believe that bullfighting is a wonderful sport.
Creo que la Fiesta de los toros es un deporte maravilloso.
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