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Base Vocabulary A1 Spanish course 326-350

Learn the Base Vocabulary for the A1 Spanish course. The base vocabulary 800 words this lesson contains 326-350

All the examples in this lesson have been said in the Espanglishchat chatroom by native Spanish speakers. 
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The first word is in English -
The second word is the Spanish translation of the first word. 
The third line is the word in English in a sentence.
The fourth line is the word in Spanish in a sentence.

Use this lesson to rapidly increase your Spanish vocabulary.

The Explanations.

I am invited to a wedding and I don't want to go. What do I do?
to go
I want to go to Mexico
Quiero ir a México
go to excursion
ir de excursión
We are going on an excursion to Granada.
Nos vamos de excursión a granada
the island
la isla
The sentence "no man is an island" is from the English poet John Donne
La frase "ningún hombre es una isla" es del poeta inglés John Donne
the left
la izquierda
It appears on the left of the photo
aparece a la izquierda de la foto
the ham
el jamón
I am going to prepare some delicious scrambled eggs with ham
Voy a preparar unos deliciosos huevos revueltos con jamón
the garden
el jardín
Online store with the best furniture for your garden
Tienda online con los mejores muebles para tu jardín
10 years younger than me
10 años más joven que yo
to play
I have to play with my dog.
Tengo que jugar con mi perro
we are together in a Skype group
estamos juntos en un grupo de Skype
the side
el lado
it's just at the side of the fridge
esta justo al lado del frigorífico
the lake
el lago
Sanabria Lake is the largest lake in Spain.
El lago de Sanabria es el lago más grande de España.
the lamp
la lámpara
Check out our wide range of ceiling lamps for your living room and bedroom.
Consulta nuestra amplia gama de lámparas de techo para tu salón y dormitorio.
I like long summer days.
me gustan los días largos del verano.
What a pity!
¡Qué lástima!
The pool is closed. What a pity!
la piscina esta cerrada, ¡Qué lástima!
Latin American
In Spain nobody wants to take care of the elderly and those jobs are done by Latin Americans and Romanians.
En España nadie quiere cuidar a los mayores y esos trabajos los hacen latinoamericanos y rumanos.
I'm going to wash the dishes
voy a lavar los platos
the milk
la leche
Doctor, my eye hurts when I drink a glass of milk in the morning ... Have you tried taking the spoon out of the glass?
doctor me duele el ojo cuando bebo un vaso de leche por la mañana... ¿Has probado sacar la cuchara del vaso?
I am going to read what you have written
voy a leer lo que has escrito
It is far from my house
Está lejos de mi casa
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