FAQ - frequently asked questions

When does the accommodation start?
It is best to arrive the Saturday or Sunday before the start of the course.

How far are host families from the school?
An average of 30 minutes by underground. Central School of English is right in the centre of London and it is not located in a residential area. We recommend that you buy a "Travelcard" for the underground. We have information about the prices and maps on here.

Where is the school?
In the centre of London. There is a map here.

How long is 1 lesson?
45 minutes.

How do I obtain a Visa?
People from the EEC do not need a visa. People who come from the majority of countries don't need a visa but you must have proof that you are studying in a recognised English school. To see if you need a visa click here. All the information you need is in this page, but the best thing to do is to phone the British embassy in your own country and they will give you the best advice. You can find the contact details of all the embassies in the world here. Once you have paid for the course we will send an official letter of acceptance and you can use this to obtain your visa.

Is the deposit refundable?
To see information about cancellations, etc. click here.

What level of English do I need to do a course?
If you are an absolute beginner (e.g. you don't know basic English), you can only start on certain dates. For everyone else, we have enough students to offer courses at all levels. On the first morning, you will do a level test and according to the results we will put you in a class that is suitable for you.