Spanish accents: more suggestions

The ways we have suggested for using Spanish accents
are not the only ones:

David Hickson says that you can do the following with an English keyboard in windows 95;

control + alt +a=
ctrl +alt+e=
ctrl +alt+i =
ctrl +alt +u =
ctrl +alt +o =
alt +181 =
alt + 233 =
alt + 214=


Another idea is that you can convert your keyboard to U.S. INTERNATIONAL or ENGLISH INTERNATIONAL
(and follow the instructions below)

This suggestion has the advantage that if you share a computer you won't upset the other users by accidentally leaving the keyboard in Spanish.

This suggestion have been sent to us by;

Bridget Bergwall  (directions are below)


1. Go into MY COMPUTER


3. Click on KEYBOARD.


5. Scroll down until you find U.S. INTERNATIONAL or ENGLISH INTERNATIONAL.

6. Set this as your DEFAULT.

7. Press all of the OK's.

To put accents over vowels: apostrophe and then the vowel. ,

To do and : push RIGHT ALT KEY and ! or ? at the same time.

To do : Hold down shift and then hit ~, let off of the shift key, then hit the n.

: for a capital, hold shift key down.

Alternate : just ~ and then n. Some work that way.

You may have to play with the combinations to get them to work. If one function

works, they all will. It may, however, work a bit differently for your computer.

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