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This page may be interesting for TEFL teachers. (English teachers)
or possibly language teachers in general.

At the TEFL Pitstop language teachers on the information highway can quickly drop in and load up with ready to use, original, printable materials.

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Reading for specific information activities
The materials you will find on this page are particularly suitable
for the "communicative" style of teaching.

Important Note
These worksheets are original materials which are copyrighted, you must have our permission to publish or store them in any other place that has public access. However you are free to print them for use in your classes.

It is probably better to look at this page from top to bottom.

Some Examples of Games

A game to make quizzes more exciting.
Modern version.
Instructions and suggestions.
Image of playing board (sometimes image doesn't print well straight from the browser)
Sample questions. Post- beginner level.

How Much will you bet ?
A game that can contain many others.
Instructions and suggestions.
Image of playing cards

177 Trivial Questions
The students of Castilla la Mancha compiled these questions

Battle Spaceships
A game to practise any sentence structure or function.
Graphic image to photocopy

The Alphabet Game
If you haven't played this game before you were probably born on Mars.
Gamesheet to print
Updated modern Version

Make words out of a grid of words. This version could be put on the interactive white board for the class to use or the students could use it on tablets or smartphones.
Online version

Interactive Crosswords
Interactive crosswords are a great way to get your students talking and incidently as an activity they fullfil all the criteria of being a real communicative interchange. Yawn (if you are into that kind of thing ;-) This one is based on the vocabulary of schools and education.
Click here to see a ready to use one

Free Samples of Published TEFL Books Section
Lessons With Laughter
A resource book designed to help you bring humour into your classroom. There are 3 free sample pages to print and try out with your classes and there is a book review with more information.
Click here for free samples

Contributions Section

We had a free web page system going here for a while.
Here are the results.

Lingo - game
A word game based on mastermind

Ernie's EFL Songs page
Some ideas about using songs in your classes

Ernie's Activity page
Some good ideas for activities in your classes

A vocabulary game by George Tomlinson.

Titanic Lesson Plan
A lesson plan for a reading activity for students who are interested in the Titanic.
Kindly donated by Julie Beals in Canada.

Other Contributions

Question Form Rummy
Kindly donated by John Knight
Playing cards
File of playing cards in .rtf format ready to print out, cut up and start playing immediately

Trivial Questions
Kindly donated by Paolo Rossetti
About 80 trivial questions

How to get your TEFL Book Published
An article with good basic advice if you are thinking of writing your own TEFL book. click here

Miscellaneous Section

TEFL Pitstop Academic article generator.

    The is our contribution to the world of TEFL theory. We have written over 1,000,000 articles for you to read.
    You will find many articles from our vast output. Some essay titles that you may find are for example.
    "An intonation pattern proposed by a bilabial plosive" "The dreamlike transitive verb"" A voiced consonant behind the magnetic board" "A fluently procedural tape recorder" "The contemporary wh-question" Click Here


  • The English Spanish Cultural Exchange.This is a page we have set up so that people learning Spanish and people learning English can get together for mutual assistance. For example it may be useful if you are looking for penpals for your students or if you want to do an interactive project between English and Spanish learners. People are adding their emails to this list at an alarming rate.

  • Espanglish chat Send you students here to practice in real time using chat.

  • How to learn a foreign language. A non academic opinion about how to learn languages.

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