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This is the English Spanish Cultural Exchange. Most of the visitors to the guestbook are English speakers learning Spanish and Spanish speakers learning English.

Fill in the form below and your message will appear in our guestbook. Write in English or Spanish. 

The idea of the exchange is to provide a meeting place for English and Spanish speakers so that you can help each other with language learning and make friends at the same time. If you are studying Spanish you may find that it increases your motivation and adds a new dimension if you have the opportunity to communicate with real Spanish speakers and maybe correct each others errors. Say enough about yourself so that the readers have some idea that you are the type of person that they want to write to.  We have used this system ourselves and we have met some very nice people and improved our Spanish.

After you have sent your message you will receive an automatic confirmation message from us within a few minutes. Please make sure that your email address is correct before sending the form. (about 1 in 15 e-mail adresses are invalid) We will never send you any spam or unsolicited messages except for the confirmation.

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